ENERMONGRID: Intelligent Energy Monitoring, Visualization and Fraud Detection for Smart Grids


The current obsolete electricity network is being transformed into net an advanced, digitalized and more efficient one known as Smart Grid. The deployment of an Automatic Metering Infrastructure will make an unseen quantity of rich information available in near real-time, processed to make decisions for the optimal energy production, generation, distribution, and consumption. This document presents an analysis of the ENERMONGRID tool, a tool used for intelligent energy monitoring, data visualization and fraud detection in electric networks.


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Biografía del autor/a

Miguel Lagares Lemos, Nimbeo Estrategia e Innovación

Master Biomedical Engineering.

Yuliana Pérez Gallardo, Nimbeo Estrategia e Innovación S.L.

PhD in Computer Science

Ángel Lagares Lemos, Nimbeo Estrategia e Innovación S.L

PhD in Computer Science

Juan Miguel Gómez Berbís, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

PhD in Computer Science

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Lagares Lemos, M., Pérez Gallardo, Y., Lagares Lemos, Ángel, & Gómez Berbís, J. M. (2020). ENERMONGRID: Intelligent Energy Monitoring, Visualization and Fraud Detection for Smart Grids. Revista Perspectiva Empresarial, 7(2 Supl.1), 44-55. https://doi.org/10.16967/23898186.669
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